Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Spiderwick Chronicles series by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi

This middle-grade fantasy series wove together a beautiful story of magic and adventure. Split into five short chapter books, each book was its own little adventure, that combined into one whole story. This was a great series for both younger readers and adults alike.

Both the writing and the illustrations in these books were fantastic. The illustrations were honestly some of the best I’ve seen. They combined with the descriptions of the writing, to create gorgeous, nature-inspired creatures. The physical books themselves were lovely, and look beautiful on the shelf.

The world and creatures created were beautiful and realistic. The three main characters were great siblings, always working together and compromising, despite their major differences. Throughout the series, they find their strengths in order to defeat the evil creatures they are faced with.

Though each book was very short, and could have easily been made into one single novel, the stories were each satisfying to read. Although I flew through them, they are a great length for the younger readers they were created for. Some dark aspects were present in this series, making it unlike many middle-grade books, and adding a great deal to the world building. The settings and descriptions were very real and believable. The old book pages and paintings added to that.

Overall, this is a series that makes me want to go look for faeries in the woods, as silly as it sounds. It was a beautifully crafted set of books, one I’m so glad to have finally read, even though I didn’t get the chance to as a kid. It was fun, exciting and thrilling all at once, a series I will be glad to read to my future children.

Individual Ratings:
The Field Guide- Book 1

The Seeing Stone- Book 2

Lucinda's Secret- Book 3

The Ironwood Tree- Book 4

The Wrath of Mulgarath- Book 5

Series Rating:

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