Tuesday, April 21, 2015

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

I love how this series has progressed so far. The change of setting in this third book was really nice. So much happens, secrets are revealed and relationships changed. Though not as action packed at the second book, there is a good amount of action and adventure in this one.

I love how the relationships between different characters evolved and grew. While the first half of the book was slow going, and dragged a bit, the second half was spectacular. Betrayals, plot twists and secrets abound. The characters continue to be a driving force to the stories. The humor is really great and realistic. The emotion is so raw at points.

Had the first half gone by quicker, I would give this book a higher rating, but both halves kind of equal each other out. I feel like this could have been the last book in the series, as it ends very nicely. However, I’m glad it’s not because I want to keep reading about these awesome characters.

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