Saturday, April 25, 2015

Read-a-Thon Mini Challenge: Plan a Bookish Party

Hour 10's mini challenge is hosted by Christina at Christina Writes! For this challenge, you have to plan a bookish party!

This is something I really wish I could do irl, but I don't have enough book loving friends. Still, I love love love the idea, so here is my entry!

What book is your party themed around?
The Spiderwick Chronicles Series by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi
What food will you serve? made with stuff from nature! So I'd use onion grass, maybe try to find a way to cook acorns. I'd gather up herbs and flowers and make a salad with my gathered materials. Maybe even cook a caught fish! 
Or, you know, burgers and chips would be good too. I feel like the Grace kids would rather eat that, hehe.
Oh! And I'd make brownies 'cause you know, Brownies are a magical creature. X3

What’s your signature drink?
Something fun like fresh squeezed lemonade!  

What games will you play?
Lacrosse! No I'd have a scavenger hunt in the woods, or go looking for faeries! 

What party favors will you send home with your guests?
Flowers and gems and stones that we collected. Also little homemade faerie houses for them to put in their yards! And nature journals for recording their magical findings!

That sounds so fun, ah! I want to do it, hehe.

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  1. Your Spiderwick party sounds wonderful, I love the idea of faerie houses as souvenirs! (Though I don't know how crazy I'd be about cooked acorns...) Great job, and I hope you're having a fun readathon!!